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Sunburst with Water Anchor

 •Solar heating of pool water during the day.

• Thermal blanket effect to retain heat in water at night.

• Reduces evaporation of water and chemicals.

• Encapsulated magnets hold rings together for rafting effect.

• Easy break apart prevents entrapment in accidental falls.

• Redesigned inner grid with added drainage grommets which

allows water to seep through the Solar Sun Rings® without sinking.

• Easy to clean

• Added grommet on the hanging hoop for increased durability.

• Compatible with automatic pool cleaners.

• Easy to install and remove by one person.

• Unaffected by salt or chlorine systems.

• Recommended by pool professionals.

• Redesigned and enlarged outer ring for better floating, rafting and rigidity.

Buy a Sunburst Solar Sun Ring w/ water anchor at these trusted retailers

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